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This bee print Snuggleband is a must-have for any breast or bottle feeding parent.

Queen Bee

  • Our Baby Feeding Armbands are individually handmade to the highest standard, using the softest 100% cotton so you can relax while you feed your little one, knowing that yours and your baby’s skin is next to skin-friendly fabrics.


    The Snuggleband slips easily onto your arm, high quality elastic loops around the buttons allowing flexibility for different arm sizes. Baby’s head rests on the armband while they are breast or bottle feeding (or even while you are pacing the room in the early hours!)


    Compared to alternative feeding pillows, the Snuggleband is lightweight and portable, so great for whether you’re feeding at home or out and about. It is small enough to fit inside your changing bag but can also be buttoned around a bag strap or buggy bar. It is also machine washable – always useful with anything to do with babies!


    As well as for feeding, you can use your Snuggleband as a travel pillow, chest support for tummy time, high-chair cushioning, a buggy board headrest and more; a useful, unique and truly versatile baby product.

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